Is your dog anxious or afraid of storms?

Heavenly Hounds is the answer!

Heavenly Hounds works naturally to calm dogs during storms, fireworks, owner separation or traveling

All Natural

Our combination of natural ingredients blended together are the perfect option

Fast Acting

Results can typically be expected within minutes of treatment


A delicious peanut butter flavored square that your dog will LOVE!

Why Choose Heavenly Hounds?

Perhaps you are one of the millions of US households that often experience an unsettling occasion when your dog is panting, whining, drooling, trembling, scratching, hiding, chewing, panicking or relieving itself uncontrollably.

Heavenly Hounds is the solution for you.

Eliminating fear and anxiety in dogs

Heavenly Hounds supports balanced behavior and promotes relaxation for events that create hyper hounds, like during separation (boarding), travel, and tension caused by environmentally induced stresses, such as storms, fireworks, holiday,etc.

  • Great for storms
  • Great for travel
  • Great for owner seperation issues

Dog Owners Everywhere Agree Heavenly Hounds Works!

"My dogs really love these treats! I gave half of one to my dachshund before a trip to the vet and he was relaxed and calm enough that the tech noticed. Normally he flips out. I also left them for the dog sitter when I went out of town and she said it really helps with his separation anxiety."

Kayla B

"I love this product!!!!! They keep my very traumatized dog calm during thunderstorms and fireworks. Even though he's about 60lbs I still only give him 1/4 and he's just relaxed during them."

Annie U

"I found this product at the counter in my local organic pet store and bought a single bar for my mini dacshund who goes insane during thunderstorms. I gave him ½ ( he weighs about 12 lbs) and the bar is the size of a blondie. It made a huge difference. Thundershirt has nothing on these all natural goodies."


"These have been such a help with our pit bull. She has a lot of anxiety with thunderstorms and fireworks. Giving her one of these bars has helped her stay calmer throughout the event. Can't live without them."

Amazon shopper